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Both Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and President Trump recognize the connection between race and democracy.

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  • Aug 28
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The n-word, the subject of much debate this week about whether there is a tape of President Trump using the racist slur, became Stallworth’s ticket into the Colorado Klan.

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In the ongoing push for accurate representation of Asians Americans in Hollywood, “Crazy Rich Asians” is unique because it has Asians at most of the relevant levers of the production process.

While it’s drawn praise for an all-Asian cast and universal themes, critics say the movie fails to capture the diversity of the Asian experience.

The film about a gay teenager exploring her sexuality, is a rarity for a mainstream Hollywood movie, both because of its subject and because it was directed by a woman.

Todd Kincannon had been known for incendiary tweets about Trayvon Martin, Nancy Pelosi and Hurricane Katrina victims.

In this city, the court hands down sentences like mandatory voter registration and attendance at city council meetings.

“I Can’t Date Jesus” gets personal about being queer, black and Southern during a slow cultural shift in black churches.

“As long as Donald J. Trump is the president of the United States, I will kneel,” Connecticut town official Melissa Schlag said.

Rodriguez says that "the reception of the show has been so wonderful for people who have been marginalized for such a long time, especially the African American and Latino side of the community."

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