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“We are grateful," the Flint schools superintendent said amid the city's lead-water crisis.

John and Lisa Robinson the pair seemed determined to mostly continue living life as they always have.

An early-October change made it easier to win one of the lottery's handful of rewards — but much, much harder to win the jackpot, which has ballooned to record levels.

Records aren't the only thing broken by the $1.5 billion jackpot ahead of Wednesday night's drawing.

The jackpot has grown to $1.3 billion. No wonder nobody is talking about the fixing scandal that rocked the organization that runs the lottery.

Journalists are rarely killed in the United States, but dozens have been slain so far this year around the world.

A Washington Post reported arrested in a McDonald's in Ferguson, Mo., last year has been charged by St. Louis County with trespassing.

There is a pretty big generational divide in how people viewed media coverage of the Baltimore protests.

Young Americans are also getting a lot of news on social media platforms. A LOT of news.

Some people enjoy the work of a Llama Emergency Response Team. Some people do not.

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