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The A-list actor will not face charges.

The 19-year-old's slaying had the hallmarks of a Mason Family killing.

Their tweets reveal a widening generational gap between Sharpton and younger civil rights organizers

[Peppermint bark joke here.]

Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, have been busy during their brief stay in the United States.

A famous rock band gets stuck on its tour bus for nearly 50 hours. Will they kill each other?

Several weeks after telling NBC's Brian Williams that he's on the autistic spectrum, the comedian backtracked on his controversial self-diagnosis.

The co-host of "Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures" caused a stir after she posted a Facebook photo of a black bear she'd killed. "I believe with every part of me that what I'm doing is right," she says.

Trump did something on Twitter that made a lot of people pay attention.

The convicted felon is now in federal custody, facing a single, more serious charge.

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