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Naples is the national champion of well-being. Here's what it has in common with Salinas, Sarasota, Fort Collins, Barnstable Town, Santa Cruz and such, according to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index.

Amid an outbreak and a vaccination debate, it seems worth learning more about these two things

Do botched executions change how people feel about executions? No, not really.

The news you believe already is the news you trust, the news you trust is the news you already believe.

A deep dive into the history of U.S. presidents and people wearing horse masks (with charts).

This nifty map shows the states where the most residents want to move to another state.

This animated map illustrates what execution methods states used over the years.

A majority of Americans still support the death penalty -- but that number has plummeted.

People who live in Illinois do not care much for the state, apparently.

New Pew numbers show that most Americans think infidelity is morally wrong; they're split on a lot of other categories.

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