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That's a lot of water, right? It sounds like a lot of water.

Despite the inconveniences, some Californians welcomed the clouds, heavy with rain, darkening their normally sunny days.

New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo claimed over the weekend that the National Weather Service was "off" in its forecast leading up to the historic lake-effect snowstorms. Weather experts have pointed out that the forecast was, in fact, accurate.

More than half the state is now experiencing the most intense drought possible.

The quake was the strongest in the United States in at least a month.

A note in the company's annual financial report set off panic, but it's all good: the guacamole isn't going anywhere. Prices are probably going up, though.

A winter storm is dumping snow, ice and sleet across the U.S. This GIF shows just what is happening and where

Frigid cold in some parts of the U.S. was counterbalanced by other parts of the country, while other countries saw abnormal warmth