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A look at the legacy of the Ferguson protester whose violent death has rocked the movement

“The reason Ferguson happened the way it happened had a lot to do with people not being a part of the process,” said Ferguson Police Chief Delrish Moss, who was sworn in earlier this year.

  • Phillip Jackson | News21, Jeffrey Pierre | News21
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  • Sep 3
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The lawsuit was filed Tuesday on behalf of four people who were arrested in the 2014 protests.

"There are names within our current culture who deserve the attention more so than these 'celebrities,'" the activist group said after adding Michael Brown, Tamir Rice and Freddie Gray to the Walk of Fame.

The vote could help the city avoid a protracted and costly court battle with the feds.

Surf City Police Chief Mike Halstead said he was "thrown under the bus for expressing my 1st amendment rights" and forced to step down.

State-level commission finds that racial inequality was a major underlying factor driving the at-times violent community reaction to the shooting of Michael Brown.

Jamyla Bolden was doing homework on a bed when she was struck by a bullet fired into her home.

"Our law enforcement officers have established order while preventing further acts of violence in Ferguson," he said in a statement.

The state of emergency declared after violence over the weekend could be lifted, the St. Louis County executive said.

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