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The changes would shift the burden from defense attorneys to prosecutors

New Hampshire became the latest state to pass a law doing away with concealed-carry permits.

Ex-police chief Bob Paudert is worried that federal officials have forgotten about the dangerous sovereign citizens movement.

Wayne LaPierre got a $3.7 million retirement payout in 2015.

The pair said they were testing their Second Amendment rights. Police and an open-carry group blasted the stunt as “unacceptable” and “reckless."

The incident at Rolling Oaks Mall was the second time a good Samaritan was killed in recent months for trying to intervene in a crime in San Antonio.

"Tombstone became famous because of guns. Guys carry guns every day,” Tombstone Mayor Dusty Escapule said.

Esteban Santiago is accused of killing five and injuring eight in a shooting at Fort Lauderdale’s international airport.

Police say the toddler got hold of his father's service weapon and shot himself with it.

Alastasia Bryan, 25, was a corrections officer at the Rikers Island jail complex in New York.

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