The 15-year-old Honduran girl begged not to be returned to the facility, where she said she had been held for three weeks.

“I'm talking to him. This is confidential, okay?” the agent told CBS reporter Jamie Yuccas.

A video of the tense encounter went viral.

The demonstrators have stumbled onto a more effective form of protest with a simple line of reasoning: ICE cannot deport people if immigration judges, lawyers and litigants cannot physically enter its facilities.

The ACLU of Oregon filed suit Friday on behalf of 123 men it said are being held in a federal prison without access to counsel.

The activist group said the vandalism was in response to “President Trump's handling of the current immigration crisis.”

The arrests are the result of one of the largest recent workplace raids carried out by the Trump administration.

Rules put in place to prevent inappropriate contact with teenage migrants might have been mistakenly applied to very young children, former administration officials say.

ProPublica published what it said was a recording made inside one of the facilities where children taken from their parents are housed.

The attorney general continued to defend the zero-tolerance immigration enforcement that has led to separation of families.

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