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The Washington Post

Arnold Ogden Jones II suspected his wife was having an affair and wanted access to her text messages to try to prove it.

Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana all turned down requests to have Russian officials observe voters.

While Milwaukee was erupting, the officer whose fatal shooting sparked the unrest was accused of rape.

Judge Michael Hensley didn't approve the arrest of a man with a domestic abuse history. The man then killed his wife and himself, police say.

Police said they were investigating why the officer fired his gun rather than his Taser.

O. Joseph Boeckmann had long offered "community service" options to young, male defendants, court records say.

The ad calls for toddlers to be locked up and deported.

"Americans actually have no idea" about how often police use force because nobody has collected enough data, James Comey told police chiefs.

According to the complaint, the probe was prompted by a paid informant who had attended meetings of a militia group and heard plans discussed to attack Muslims, whom the group called “cockroaches."

The ruling marks the second time this year that a court has struck down Florida's death penalty system.

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