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"The idea was to do something politics-related because so much of the year was dominated by politics,” photographer Gary He said.

The two officers in the years-old photo have been fired from the department.

It was a surprising art choice, given Guevara's role in the Cuban revolution.

The California Highway Patrol officer said he and his partner feared for their lives.

Some held a moment of silence for 45 minutes in recognition of the 4 1/2 hours that Michael Brown's body stayed in the street in Ferguson after he was killed.

Your smartphone pic may be pretty, but Bentley's were the best. Give up already.

'Cause it's summer. Summer time is here.

Okay, so we walked on the moon. What haven't we done?

The convicted felon is now in federal custody, facing a single, more serious charge.

Love is a burning thing.

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