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"There is a sun, I forgot all about that," remarked one professor when they emerged at the surface.

The documentary has dinosaurs, drama and thrilling scientific discovery. But where's the truth?

ZMapp, the experimental Ebola treatment drug, has not yet been proven effective.

Astronomers tried to find water on three planets circling sun-like stars. Instead, they found a cliche.

Thirteen-year-old lionfish researcher Lauren Arrington is being accused of taking credit for a marine biologist's work.

Okay, so we walked on the moon. What haven't we done?

Twitter's favorite American astronaut Reid Wiseman is at it again.

Let's talk about something we read about in a recent edition of Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP.

NASA says the peak should be visible to everyone in the Northern Hemisphere.

Four lunar eclipses occurring in two years has the Christian world buzzing that they are a sign from God.

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