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"They objected to the tone of my voice, so I made it atonal," Ronald Dillon said.

"In our country, we are entitled to criticize our government with passion," Thomas Smith's attorney said after Smith settled with police and the village of Arena, Wis.

Smartphones have replaced credit cards for many. Could they also replace driver’s licenses? And what problems could that create?

"I'm still here," she wrote to Facebook earlier this year.

As the Patriot Missile System passes the three decade mark, the military turns to video games to help train soldiers.

Americans are not particularly confident in their social media sites.

"I'm still here," Anna Stoeher said in a letter to Facebook, after being forced to shave 14 years off her age.

The Orlando driver was charged with battery after allegedly putting his hand down a female passenger's shirt and driving aimlessly while commenting on her looks.

Witnesses said the drone crashed into the spring over the weekend. It has not been found yet.

Were you a 4.8?

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