Trump picks an outsider to take over the agency as it faces public criticism over a recent security lapse.

The president is seeking to smooth over relations after hanging up on Australia's Malcolm Turnbull in a phone call.

A HuffPost reporter asked the public to help examine more than 1,500 listings of individual donors and their addresses.

The president's speech came in the wake of criticism that Trump and his aides have made several insensitive remarks regarding the Holocaust.

Some lawmakers wondered if President Trump intends to use the highly sensitive meeting as a photo op ahead of his 100-day mark.

On Monday, in his first public appearance since leaving the White House in January, the former president told young leaders that he had failed to realize his “aspirational” goal of uniting Americans in red and blue states.

In a dramatic call from the White House with a pair of astronauts at the International Space Station, Trump urged NASA to speed up its exploration timeline to get humans on Mars "at worst, during my second term."

The president compared his ratings prowess to one of the darkest days in U.S. history.

Trump addressed the World Jewish Congress by video on Sunday night.

The attorney general reiterated that anyone in U.S. illegally could be deported.

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