Although both Republicans have been critical of Trump in the past and have urged him to moderate some of his rhetoric, both endorsed the businessman before he formally claimed the nomination in July.

No word yet on whether Obama has insisted on installing an Internet-connected fridge stocked with Soylent in the White House kitchen.

"I'm running against someone who will say or do anything," Clinton said.

A new team at the top means...the same Trump.

The Republican nominee continues to make key staffing moves 10 weeks from the election.

Stephen Bannon met over the weekend with Patrick Caddell, the longtime Democratic pollster who rose to fame as an adviser to President Jimmy Carter.

The Republican nominee weighs in on the San Francisco quarterback's decision to remain seated during the national anthem.

The Democratic nominee has sought to make a virtue of her wide-ranging and detailed agenda in a race against Donald Trump.

The campaign poked fun at Trump's doctor's note in a new blog post.

Stevens, a harsh critic of Trump, met privately Monday morning in Washington with independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin and his advisers.

The announcement came after a report of Weiner embroiled in another "sexting" scandal.

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