Speaking in Iowa, Trump vowed to deport undocumented immigrants who are criminals, but didn't address how he would approached millions of others.

Republican Donald Trump recently received a similar update from federal agents.

On the eve of hosting the Republican presidential candidate, Ernst says she’s eager to see where he comes down on immigration.

A new team at the top means...the same Trump.

With a fury that has become almost rote during his two terms in office, Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) has reignited a debate about race in crime in his state.

Clinton's running mate spoke out a day after the Democratic nominee pressed a similar case against her rival.

The total of the charitable donations that The Post has discovered between 2006 and May appears to be less than $800,000.

Although Donald Trump has pledged to be an advocate for gay Americans, Hillary Clinton argues that he would appoint federal judges opposed to same-sex marriage.

Clinton's answer to Trump's question: "Everything"

The GOP nominee's latest comment adds a new layer of confusion.

Trump keeps saying that he will give an immigration speech, but his campaign has yet to schedule it.

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