He previously said Merkel was “ruining Germany.”

Hillary Clinton spoke on a call with 500 rabbis and American Jewish leaders Thursday, affirming her commitment to Israel and the peace process.

"Do you think Hillary got immunity?" Trump asked a rally crowd Thursday in New Hampshire.

A new team at the top means...the same Trump.

Thursday’s list includes three former members of Congress, a dozen former high-ranking members of Republican administrations and others.

Kellyanne Conway appears to acknowledge a Trump business's spending there in 1998, possibly creating a problem for him, particularly in battleground Florida.

"He understands America’s position in the world, and we are certain that once the weight of leadership is on his shoulders, he will meet that responsibility," the Detroit News wrote.

Johnson's inability to remember the full name of Vicente Fox was a genuine surprise. Johnson governed New Mexico, which shares a small border with Mexico, from 1995 to 2003.

Trump asked how Clinton can lead the country if she thinks it is full of racists.

The controversy has become an enormous political liability for Trump.

Trump also attacked Clinton in notably personal terms Wednesday.

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