The crowd repeatedly booed Trump, something that simply doesn't happen at lavish charity dinners at the Waldorf Astoria hotel.

It was twice as much as she spent in October.

The two could barely hide their disdain for each other.

A new team at the top means...the same Trump.

It's a stark contrast to his first eight years in the national political spotlight.

The Florida-based investor said he has contributed $40 million in all to Democratic super PACs and allied groups in 2016.

The GOP nominee made a slew of last-minute investments in ads and voter data, according to a new campaign finance report filed Thursday.

The senator from Vermont directed money to 13 candidates blessed by his new organization.

The ad, the super PAC's first foray in the Senate race in Pennsylvania, reflects growing confidence in presidential win and chances of retaking control of the Senate.

“There’s only one way we lose this election — if we don’t turn out,” the president told a crowd at a historically black college.

In Miami on Thursday, President Obama called for expansion of federal subsidies to help more Americans afford insurance.

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