Trump has used the "loser" label before — against critics and political opponents.

The New Jersey governor shared his thoughts about the former national security adviser with reporters in Trenton.

Trump was not accused of having explicitly told the Russians that the intelligence came through Israel.

Their complaints about news media coverage were caught on a microphone as Trump set off for Jerusalem.

Trump summoned the Muslim world to take a stand against global terrorism and share the burden of eradicating extremism.

The president, according to an advance portion of the remarks he will deliver, will describe the fight against radicalism as “a battle between good and evil.”

It's unclear if a two-day visit to Saudi Arabia can reset Trump's image in the Muslim world after years of inflammatory and inaccurate comments.

The leadership of the Senate Intelligence Committee said it will schedule the open hearing after Memorial Day. “The Committee looks forward to receiving testimony from the former Director on his role in the development of the Intelligence Community Assessment on Russian interference in the 2016 US elections, and I am hopeful that he will clarify […]

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The president is seeking money from his loyal supporters to counter the media and "unelected bureaucrats."

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