Democratic appointee Ellen Weintraub said she decided that it was necessary to make her request directly to the president after hearing from voters around the country concerned about his allegations.

The U.S. president has been critical of the security alliance but his presence in Brussels could help reassure European allies.

The current president's assessment came during an address to a House Republican fundraiser.

The president spoke Tuesday night at a fundraiser for House Republicans.

A San Francisco clothing retailer says she has leveraged the presidency to promote her company's products.

The meeting comes five weeks after president inappropriately asked a reporter for assistance in arranging a discussion with black lawmakers.

The president appeared at a raucous campaign rally in Louisville.

A large crowd comes out for the president on a tough day in Washington.

NSA and FBI chiefs testify before the House Intelligence Committee.

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A White House spokesman defended Trump's golfing, saying the president has used the outings not just for personal pleasure but to do business for the public.

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