The president claimed everyone at the world leaders' summit wanted to know why Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman had "refused to give the DNC server to the FBI and the CIA."

The president praised Poland and its people in a speech in which he touted Western values.

Trump insists that the election interference could also have been carried out by other countries, not just Russia.

The president has raised questions about the team's political giving.

The president has sought to cast Robert Mueller’s team as being full of partisan Democrats, based on some members’ donations and past work.

Trump's Cabinet secretary made a testy appearance Sunday on “Meet the Press."

The president posted a video of himself in a wrestling match with a CNN avatar.

Kasich criticized the leaders of his party as being disingenuous and shortsighted on the issue.

The president took time out from his vacation to escalate his ongoing feuds with television news networks

President lashed out while on vacation at two dozen states that have objected to requests for voter data from a presidential commission

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