Todd Akin issued a mea culpa Monday on Mike Huckabee's radio show for his comments on rape Sunday, but he said that he would not drop out of the race against Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.).

"I've really made a couple of serious mistakes here which were just wrong, and I need to apologize for those," he told the former Arkansas governor. "There is no such thing as legitimate rape. It's an evil act and it's committed by violent predators. ... I'm a dad of two daughters. I want tough justice for the sexual predators ... I've even known some women who have been raped and I know that it's a terrible, terrible thing."

He added, "I also know that people do become pregnant from rape... it does happen, and it is terrible."

But when asked if he would drop out, Akin was defiant. "I feel just as strongly as ever that my background and ability will be a big asset in replacing Claire McCaskill," he said, and suggested that he was hardly alone: "I don't know if I'm the only person in public office who suffered from foot-in-mouth disease here."

Akin said no Republicans had directly contacted him to ask him to quit the race.