While Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) clearly regrets bringing up rape in an interview Sunday, he seems attached to the idea that his opposition to abortion is connected to the September 11th attacks.

At the end of his radio interview with Mike Huckabee on Monday, Akin explained his position by invoking the first responders who ran into the Twin Towers. 

"I remember people running into the buildings to save people in wheelchairs," Akin said. "They don't check their ID to see whether they're important or not. They just take them to safety and run back for more. They by their lives speak as Americans about what we think about the value of human beings and how much respect we hold people with."

The Senate candidate was echoing his own words from the Sunday interview that could very well end his campaign.

"One of the things I love about this country is that Americans consider life very important," he told the Jaco Report. "You've got September 11th, you've got these guys running into a building that's about to collapse, they find somebody in a wheelchair. They never check their ID, or anything like that, or whether they're important. They grab them and they run them to safety."