TAMPA -- Delegates drafting the Republican party's official platform here keep adding more language expressing their opposition to abortion.

Now they've endorsed language saying that opposing abortion upholds the dignity of women. And they've also included language asking that drugs that end pregnancy after conception, including RU-486, not be allowed.

They adopted the latter plank over the objections of GOP delegate Jacqueline Curtiss, who said it was important that the party show "sensitivity" in the wake of comments from Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri about rape and abortion. She said Plan B (better known as the "morning-after pill" has been a proven effective way of averting pregnancy in cases of rape and she wanted to be sure the platform would not support banning the drug.

Curtiss was assured by another delegate that the platform would not ban Plan B, because Plan B is intended to disrupt conception from taking place. (Some Republicans, including Mitt Romney, have described morning-after pills as abortive.)