RALEIGH, N.C. — At a campaign rally on the floor of a cavernous sheet metal company here Wednesday afternoon, Paul Ryan for the second time today trotted out a line that seems to be a new Romney-Ryan slogan.

"Joe Biden said the other day that the middle class is in the midst of a recovery," Ryan told the raucous crowd at SMT Inc. "President Obama said that the private sector's doing just fine. This is the Obama imaginary recovery."

He received one of the most enthusiastic receptions to date of his 12 days on the trail as GOP vice presidential nominee.

Ryan also took aim at Obama's handling of the country's debt, arguing that "President Obama and the words 'fiscal responsibility' do not belong in the same sentence with one another."

And he made a pointed appeal to voters in a state that Obama won four years ago but that this time around appears to tilt toward the GOP.

"North Carolina, when we think of it, is a state with so many resources," Ryan said. "So much talent. A great university system. Great football, great basketball."

He continued: "It's a state that's known for its research. It's a state that's known for its dynamic economy. It's a state that right now has a 9.6 unemployment rate. It's unacceptable."