About 60 percent of independents in Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin would rather Medicare stay the way it is than be transformed along lines proposed by Rep. Paul Ryan, a Quinnipiac/CBS News/New York Times poll finds. At the same time, independents overall view Ryan favorably and Vice President Biden unfavorably.

The race in Ohio is unchanged from the last Quinnipiac poll in July, with Obama leading Mitt Romney 50 to 46 percent. (A University of Cincinnati poll released later Thursday showed a tighter race at 49 to 46 percent.) But the other races have both tightened: Obama is at 49 percent to Romney's 46 percent in Florida and Obama is at 49 percent to Romney's 47 percent in Wisconsin. A month ago Obama led in both states by six points.

Again, Ryan might be helping Romney in Wisconsin -- more voters say the choice makes them more likely to support the GOP nominee than less likely, and a majority approves of the job he did in Congress. It's also the only state where a solid majority of Republicans supports the Ryan plan.

Some other recent surveys show a subtle swing state surge for Romney, although most of the shifts are within each poll's margin of error.