On Thursday a Denver CBS reporter revealed that Mitt Romney's campaign had asked her not to talk about abortion or Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) in her interview with the Republican presidential candidate. 

In response, a campaign official told reporters, “This is not how we operate. The matter is being addressed.”

A campaign staffer also spoke to the Denver CBS station KCNC-TV news director Tim Wieland to make the same point and ask for more details on what happened -- it sounded to Wieland like an internal investigation. 

Two other stations that interviewed Romney Thursday said there had been no attempts to limit their questions. But Tim Wolff, assistant news director at Ohio's WHIO, tells Talking Points Memo that when Akin came up with Romney staff, "I believe [a Romney staffer’s] wording was that they prefer not to talk about it. ... But we didn’t care because we were going to talk about Ohio stuff.”