Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) will not speak at the GOP convention. (Getty Images)

Texas Rep. Ron Paul will neither speak nor be formally nominated at the Republican National Convention, Politico reports. Despite months of organizing by Paul supporters at caucuses and state conventions, Mitt Romney's lawyers have successfully kept Paul from getting the delegates from five states he would need for a floor nomination. The final blow came Thursday in Maine, when the Republican National Convention agreed that Romney supporters should get half of Paul's 20 delegates.

Paul spokesman Jesse Benton disputed the idea that Paul was outmaneuvered but acknowledged the result. "Dr. Paul won't be nominated because [we] came up short on winning five states of unbound delegates, not because of any lawyers," he said. "We negotiated, fought and got additional delegates seated for Dr. Paul."

There might be some wrangling to come. Paul's team is continuing to fight to seat the Maine delegation. And Nevada delegates say they still plan to nominate Paul. According to The New York Times, the formal nomination vote for Romney was moved to Monday in part over concern about a Paul-related disruption.

But Paul delegates have thus far expressed satisfaction with the party platform and their inclusion in the process. And Romney's team has gone to great lengths to make Paul feel included. A Paul tribute video will be shown Tuesday night.