Responding to Democratic charges that he sought to narrow the definition of rape when he co-sponsored a House measure last year that used the term “forcible rape,” presumptive GOP vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan said Monday that the phrase was “stock language” and that he agreed with its eventual removal from the bill.

“Democrats have been accusing you of trying to redefine rape,” Fox News Channel host Bret Baier said to Ryan in an interview that aired Monday night. “You co-sponsored legislation seeking to distinguish between statutory and forcible rape. Why?”

“Well, look. All of these bills were bills to stop taxpayer financing of abortion,” Ryan said. “Most Americans agree with us, including pro-choice Americans, that we shouldn’t use hardworking taxpayer dollars to finance abortion. Rape is rape, period. This is language that was stock language used for lots of different bills – bills I didn’t author – and that language was removed, to be very clear, and I agree with that, removing that language so we are very clear. Rape is rape, period. End of story.”