Supporters of Rep. Ron Paul (Texas) say they plan to object to the adoption of Republican party rules Tuesday when the business of the convention gets underway. They argue the rule changes agreed to by the RNC are an attempt to shut down grassroots movements like theirs.

With the convention floor largely abandoned to media for the day, Paul supporters hijacked a sign with the convention theme here Monday that read "We Can Do Better," and held Paul signs next to it. "We can do better than Romney," said John Honey, 37, an alternate delegate from Arkansas. "Romney may beat Obama. Paul definitely will."

Honey and other Paul delegates said there is a chance other Paul backers might move to have his name entered into nomination during a roll call vote of delegates Wednesday.

They will not succeed -- but any floor squabble over rules could be embarrassing for Republicans already starting the convention late.

"We're not here for a coronation for Romney. It's supposed to be a convention," said Charlie Aligaen, 40, an alternate delegate from Colorado.