Later Tuesday, Ann Romney will deliver a speech that describes her marriage as not "a storybook marriage," but "a real marriage," which has thrived through hard times. She will mention specifically her battles with multiple sclerosis and breast cancer.

Ann Lois Davies and Willard Mitt Romney wed. (AP)

"Tonight I want to talk to you about love," she will say. 

"I read somewhere that Mitt and I have a 'storybook marriage,'" Ann Romney will say, according to an excerpt released by Romney's campaign. "Well, in the storybooks I read, there were never long, long, rainy winter afternoons in a house with five boys screaming at once. And those storybooks never seemed to have chapters called MS or breast cancer."

Ann Romney will also praise her husband as a man who has worked to "lift up" others in his life. "I can't tell you what will happen over the next four years. But I can only stand here tonight, as a wife, a mother, a grandmother, an American, and make you this solemn commitment: This man will not fail. This man will not let us down," Ann Romney will say.