TAMPA -- Previewing Ann Romney's speech at the Republican National Convention later today, a pair of Mitt Romney's top advisers framed the upcoming address as a candid discussion. 

"She’ll talk from her heart and people will take from that what they will. But you’ll get a real open speech from her and she’ll be wonderful," said Romney adviser Beth Myers at a ABC/Yahoo "Newsmakers" event. 

"To see her in this campaign in full flower as a campaign spouse … is very heartwarming," added Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom. 

Discussing the circumstsances surrouding Tropical Storm Issac, which is bearing down on the Gulf Coast, Fehrnstorm said, "If events dictate further changes, we’ll adjust as appropriate."

He added, "we don’t view the weather as political," and noted that GOP officials will be tuning in to President Obama's remarks later this morning on the storm.