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Boehner: If Obama walked into our bar…

Fact Checker
Clinton’s claim that the Bush tax cuts played ‘a large part’ in sparking 2008 recession
No credible analyst would cite the Bush tax cuts as playing a key role in spurring the crash. If she had meant to pin the blame on rising income inequality, she should have said so clearly, without putting a political spin on the policies of a Republican president. Her statement is mitigated, slightly, by the reference to lax oversight of Wall Street, a traditional liberal position. The causes of the Great Recession are complex and debatable, but there’s no debate that she is wrong to put the Bush tax cuts at the top of the list.
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Fact Checker
Trump’s false claim that stop and frisk in NYC wasn’t ruled unconstitutional
Trump is incorrect: Stop and frisk was ruled unconstitutional in New York. By the time de Blasio dropped the appeal, the practice was already on its way out, although it continued through last year. There is a court-appointed monitor working with NYPD to ensure that the practice is within constitutional limits. There has been some confusion about this issue in news coverage. Stop and frisk as a tactic is constitutional. But the way the tactic was applied in New York City has been found unconstitutional. This is an important distinction.
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Fact Checker
Trump’s claim that a racial discrimination suit was ‘brought against many real estate firms’
On several levels, Trump’s debate answer was misleading. This was not a case brought against many real estate firms; it was brought against Trump and his father. Trump did not get a better deal; he got essentially the same deal, or possibly worse, than the deal he would have gotten if he had settled before spending legal fees for two years. He also failed to live up to the deal and found himself back in court. While Trump touts there was no admission of guilt, that’s rather typical in these sorts of settlements. The Justice Department simply wanted to get the Trumps to agree to rent to African American tenants — which they failed to do even after agreeing to settle the case.
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Fact Checker
Trump’s claim that Obama is trying to ‘delay’ Obamacare enrollment until after the election
Turmp warns of premium increases of 40, 50, 60 percent — and alleges that the Obama administration is trying to delay open enrollment, scheduled for Nov. 1, until after the election. The most common plans in the marketplace will see an average increase of 9 percent. The vast majority of marketplace enrollees receive government premium subsidies and will be protected from premium increases. Also, the open-enrollment date is set in federal statutes, and if the administration wanted to move it, it would have needed to tell the public months ago through a public notice and comment process.
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