The Ohio governor said you can't trust Joe Biden because he lies about his golf game. "Joe Biden told me that he's a good golfer and I can tell you that's not true, as well as all the other things that he says."

A Biden-Kasich team did lose to a President Obama-House Speaker John Boehner team at golf last year. But Boehner is known as a formidable golfer, so it wasn't exactly a fair fight. The speaker later told reporters that his fellow Republican was so nervous about the match, “I thought John Kasich was going to cry.”

Not long before the so-called golf summit, Golf Digest did a study of the politico golfers in the Washington region. At the time, Biden boasted a handicap of 6.3, meaning he regularly shot in the high 70s, about six shots above par; Boehner had a 7.9 handicap and Obama had a 17. Kasich's aides, at the time, said the governor had about an 8 handicap, meaning he would on average be a little worse than Biden. The vice president did not take up the game until his 50s, raising suspicions in some quarters about whether he could truly be that consistently good.

Still, Kasich's comments appear to have broken the code of last year's golf summit, for which all sides agreed not to discuss what happened on the course other than to say that the Obama-Biden team won its $2 bet. When Obama gave a joint address to Congress three months later, Boehner and Biden were caught on a live mic before the speech discussing the speaker's sub-par round of golf during the August recess at a resort course in Nebraska.