Before Ron Paul himself appeared on the convention floor Tuesday, some of his supporters were already hoping to shake things up. Many of them feel shoved to the periphery and threatened by proposed rule changes that would give party bosses more control over how delegates are selected.

“It’s a railroad. They’re trying to stage a coup and make the grassroots completely irrelevant for the future,” said alternate delegate and Paul supporter Jeremy Blosser, 36, of Fort Worth, Texas. A lot of people, he said, “are upset about these credentials shenanigans.”

Attempts at a compromise are underway, but not everyone is on board with the deal.

“The timing of these changes is problematic. We’re about to walk into the convention and the rules are changing,” said Dennis Marburger, a Michigan delegate who supports Paul. “That’s just not right,” said alternate delegate Pete Mackin of Marquette, Mich. “We’re not supposed to be the party of top down. We’re supposed to be the party of bottom up. Liberty. Freedom.”

Darrell Johnson, an alternate delegate from Michigan, said he’d heard rumors that some delegates will turn their back on Romney when he speaks.