A Todd Akin supporter. (David Fahrenthold, Washington Post)

A rare sight on the GOP convention floor: a sticker for Senate candidate Todd Akin (R-Mo.), who has been essentially disowned by party leaders after he said that "legitimate rape" cases rarely lead to pregnancy.

The sticker was on the lapel of Jeff Taylor, from Sioux Center, Iowa. Taylor said he felt that Akin's comments were "definitely stupid."

But he said he agrees with Akin's blanket opposition to abortion, even in cases of rape. Taylor said he felt that Akin was still a viable candidate, and had been abandoned by party leaders.

"Even Gov. Romney is not immune from saying stupid things," Taylor said. He said Romney was being hypocritical by criticizing Akin now.

Was he prepared to be stared at? "I'm a Ron Paul supporter, so I'm used to people giving me the stinkeye," he said. Also on the convention floor sporting an Akin sticker was Brant Frost V, a delegate from Coweta County, Ga.

"Republicans have this tendency to form a circular firing squad. Democrats do better. They lock shields," and protect another, he said. Frost said he was confident that Akin can still win Missouri. "Six seconds of misspeaking don't outweigh six years of liberal voting by Claire McCaskill," the Democratic incumbent that Akin is trying to unseat, Frost said, echoing Akin's own campaign ads.