It might be the most Republican spot in all of Tampa, a dingy stretch of sidewalk where free-market ideals come to life. Plucky entrepreneurs. Bold, transformative notions.
To get there, you have to walk right out of the Republican convention.

Past the metal detectors and the bored khaki-clad cops and the little knot of National Guardsmen crowded under a shade tree. Beyond the last concrete barrier.

There — in the first few feet of the outside world — two women are trying to move Mitt Romney buttons that just won’t sell.

“This one’s unpopular: his face. His face is flat-out unpopular. I have not sold one of these," said Mia Hall of Sarasota, Fla. She was pointing to a three-inch-wide campaign button that featured a smiling photo of Romney, the Republican nominee, and the words “Twenty Twelve.”

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