That was former Florida governor Jeb Bush's message to President Obama at the top of his convention speech Thursday night.

"It is time to stop blaming your predecessor for your failed economic policies," Bush said. "You were dealt a tough hand but your polices have not worked."

The rest of Bush's speech was devoted to the issue with which he is most often associated: education. Bush even shared his time on stage with a high school teacher and a former student who took advantage of a school choice policy in Florida.

"Lets give every parent in America a choice about where their child attends school," said Bush. Bush's speech wasn't as heavy on praise for Mitt Romney as others at the convention, but he did laud the Republican nominee's record on education as governor of Massachusetts. "He is a champion for bringing hope to education," Bush said.

The defense of the last Republican president -- who has gone all but unmentioned at this convention -- was not in the advance version of Bush's speech. But Bush told Fox News Thursday morning that he would open with a defense of his brother.