As Mitt Romney was preparing to accept the Republican nomination for president, demonstrators in Washington, D.C. shut down a busy intersection Thursday night, holding a sit-in to protest GOP policies.

The Post's Tim Craig reports that about 200 protesters affiliated with the activist group “Our DC” marched from Meridan Hill Park to 14th and U streets NW, where they sat in the intersection. While a band played music, the group chanted slogans against Romney. Police were forced to close both 14th and U streets, two major routes through Northwest Washington, for about 30 minutes before they moved the group to the sidewalk shortly before 10 p.m.

Protesters lashed out against what they said were Romney’s policies to cut taxes on the wealthy and block an increase in the minimum wage. Many held signs that read, “stop the Romney economy.”

“We are here to protest Romney’s nomination. People need to hear the voices of the disenfranchised,” said James Adams, of the District. “The voices of people have to be heard.”

The 14th and U intersection is known for its activism. Four years ago, supporters of Barack Obama celebrated his election by shutting down the junction for hours.