As delegates, reporters and others were milling about the forum floor at the GOP convention in Tampa Thursday night, up in the eighth row in the center of the hall, a little boy was clearing away balloons.

It was Paul Ryan's 12-year-old nephew, Mac Ryan.

"Here, let me clear these out of your way," Mac, wearing a light blue shirt, striped tie and khakis, told this reporter as he scooped up an armful of red, white and blue balloons and scurried up the confetti-covered stairs.

"I'm putting them in our suite," he said of the balloons as he came back down for a second armful. "I'm making a balloon bath. ...You should come up and check it out. It's amazing."

Asked what his favorite part of the night was, he said it was the moment when his uncle took the stage with Mitt Romney.

How did he feel?

"Proud," he said. "Very proud."