By David Nakamura

BOULDER, Colo. -- That Mitt Romney, he’s so last century!

That’s how President Obama sees it, anyhow. The Obama campaign has been trying to cast the Republican nominee as a throwback to a bygone era -- from his policies to his personality. And on his campaign swing this weekend, Obama has unearthed a new putdown of Romney, calling his nominating convention last week fit for last century.


President Barack Obama speaks at a Grassroots Rally on Sunday, on the University of Colorado campus in Boulder. An estimated crowd of about 13,000 gathered to listen as Obama discussed his plan to help the middle class, Obamacare's impact and the importance of the youth of America getting out to vote in the upcoming election. (Getty Images)

“They were going so far backwards you might as well have watched it on black-and-white TV,” Obama said at campaign rally here Sunday before 13,000 at the University of Colorado. A day earlier, in Sioux City, Iowa, he had added: “Put some rabbit ears on the convention hall.”

The quips build on the Obama team’s relentless push to pin Romney to the past. For instance, Obama aides have mocked Romney's use of the word "marvelous" to describe the House GOP budget offered by Romney's running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan (Wis.). And they have tied his policies to those of former President George W. Bush.

By talking about how Romney and the Republicans want to take the country backwards, Obama also plays directly off his own campaign slogan, “Forward.”

“They want to refight some of the battles we thought were settled in the last century,” Obama said in Boulder of the Republicans’ stance on reproductive rights in the wake of the controversy sparked by Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.), a Senate candidate who caused a furor when he talked of "legitimate rape."

Oddly enough, though, Obama concluded his rally under the open skies by hearkening back to last century to praise the Mountain West’s frontier spirit. 

“Nobody understands that better than folks in the West, a region settled by people not looking back, but going forward to the next frontier, to new horizons,” Obama said. “And in two months, you’ll get to chose the path to lead us to a better future.”