Mitt Romney got a one-point bump after the Republican National Convention in CNN polling -- well within the margin of error. As The Fix wrote this morning, there are so few persuadable voters in this election that bounce-free conventions are no surprise, although a few polls show a slight shift in the Republican's direction. 

More notable is that Romney's favorability is on the rise. He's now at 53 percent among likely voters, while Obama is at 51 percent. With registered voters, Obama maintains a 54 percent to 49 percent edge in favorability. VP nominee Paul Ryan's favorability has also gone up a bit since before the convention, from 45 to 49 percent. 

UPDATE: A Washington Post-ABC News poll finds Romney recovered all of the five-point drop in favorability he suffered in Post-ABC polling heading into the nominating convention. The biggest driver: a 20-point jump in favorability with GOP women. But the effect on the broader electorate was negligible.