Four years ago Democrats met in Denver en route to winning Colorado for President Obama. This year, Colorado Democrats are some of the few with prime seats on the convention floor.

"We don't know why we're seated behind Delaware and Illinois," joked Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colo.), noting the better seats for the home states of the president and vice president. Four years since Obama's first convention, DeGette expected a less enthusiastic crowd, but "just sitting here for four hours tonight, I'm really feeling kind of a recommittment and a lot of energy."

"It's not all platitudes," DeGette said of Tuesday evening's speeches. "It's about specific accomplishments this administration has made. I watched much of the Republican convention, it was all platitudes like, 'Are you better off now?' But no proposals by the Republicans. And here on the first night of our convention, you're hearing about specific legislative accomplishments. I feel good."