A.J. Chavar, The Washington Post #2012Unfiltered

"This is our platform. This is our American mission."

That line, delivered toward the end of his speech, neatly summed up Newark Mayor Cory Booker's message in moving to adopt the Democratic Party platform on Tuesday.

Booker devoted his convention address to touting the 2012 party platform, which he said contains "big and practical ideas."

"Our platform calls for significant cuts in federal spending," said Booker in a booming voice. "Our platform calls for balanced deficit reduction plan."

Booker struck a populist tone on taxes in his speech, saying: "Being asked to pay your fair share isn't class warfare, it's patriotism."

Booker also underscored the importance of education in his speech. "Our platform makes clear that the most critical investment we can make is in education," he said.

The speech was well-received by the convention audience, who could be heard chanting, "Cor-y! Cor-y!"