First Lady Michelle Obama waves as she appears at the DNCC podium for a camera test. (AP Photo)

In a round of interviews with African-American radio hosts aired Tuesday
morning, Michelle Obama said she will use her time on stage to talk about
her husband's character and values.

"Somebody who believes in honesty. Somebody who believes that the truth matters. He was raised to know that we didn’t get here – none of us – ourinterview with Yolanda Adams, a syndicated radio host
and Gospel music artist. "With every policy he has put forth, he tells us
who he is. I’m reminding people of who Barack is and those values are what guide him and those are the values that need to guide this country for the next four years and beyond."

The first lady, who has also done recent interviews with radio host Joe "the Black Eagle" Madison and Entertainment Tonight, E! News and Inside Edition, also outlined her policy differences with her husband's opponent -- though she suggested that she would leave the attack role to others at the convention. Without naming GOP nominee Mitt Romney, Obama said, "the two sides running are so completely different. They are two completely different visions for the country and, as Barack has said, this election is going to be closer than the last one."