President Obama's campaign, like Mitt Romney's, has been dinged by fact checkers from time to time. But the Democrats argue that unlike the Republicans, they actually care about the truth.

"We work very hard to get it right," Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt told ABC News and Yahoo News in a panel discussion in Charlotte.

During the discussion, ABC News' Jake Tapper asked about Vice President Biden's inaccurate claim that a Bain Capital bailout cost taxpayers $10 million. (Post Fact Checker Glenn Kessler gave it three Pinocchios.)

Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter said the Obama campaign "absolutely" cares about fact checkers and sought to contrast its posture to the Romney campaign's. "I understand the conversation we're having about whether campaigns sometimes bend the truth and we try very hard to get it right… unlike the Romney campaign …we do care about fact checks, we do care about the honesty of our ads," Cutter said. 

Asked at the panel discussion what Democrats are hoping for coming out of the Charlotte convention, Cutter said "we are not predicting a bounce," adding that the goal is that when viewers "leave and turn off the president's speech, they have a good understanding of the path forward."