What's your marathon PR? Paul Ryan's debunked boast about running a marathon in under three hours is giving new meaning to the old runner's abbreviation for personal record. Now there's a page where you can adjust your own time in reflection of Ryan's. 

Runner's World reported last week that the vice presidential candidate's actual time in the 1990 Grandma's Marathon was 4:01:25, well above the time "under three, high twos," as he claimed during an interview with Hugh Hewitt and later retracted through a spokesman. 

Marathon runners now can find out what their personal record would be if they had been talking in Paul Ryan's terms, knocking off more than a quarter of their total time. You can toggle to shorter distances if you haven't run a full marathon.  

So, say, your last marathon was a 4:02: According to this tool your new "PR time" is a 2:55. It could catch on.