UAW President Bob King brought a thunderous audience to its feet in Charlotte Wednesday with a booming defense of President Obama's bailout of the automobile industry.

 "President Obama’s strong leadership saved a million jobs," King said. "Since 2009, this industry has added a quarter of a million jobs, and the auto industry is thriving again. These are good, middle-class jobs, in glass, in plastics, in steel. Jobs making things for an economy built to last."

King's speech in a prime-time slot was a telling selection by Democrats and the Obama campaign, who are trying to draw a stark contrast with Republican Mitt Romney regarding who has done more to help the middle class.

 Although Obama and his party have endured a rocky relationship with unions in part because of their selection of Charlotte (a non-union city) to host the convention, nearly 1,000 of the 6,000 delegates in the hall claim affiliation with unions.

 The hall wildly approved of King's message.

"Strong unions and collective bargaining have lifted millions of people out of poverty," King said, "and built the great American middle class. It's a middle class that keeps America’s democracy and economy strong."