Three speakers in a row blamed Mitt Romney and Bain Capital for destroying their livelihoods -- essentially, a live Obama campaign attack ad.

"America cannot afford Romney economics," said Randy Johnson of Indiana's Ampad. "Mitt Romney will stick to working people."

"Romney and his partners shut our plant down and ultimately drove our company into bankruptcy," said Cindy Hewitt, a former human resources manager at Dade Behring. "By the time Romney and his partners were done with us we'd lost 850 jobs in Florida." Romney's business experience, she said, "is not experience creating good paying jobs, it is experience destroying jobs."

David Foster, a union organizer from Minnesota, had a similar story. "When Romney and Bain took over the mill, they loaded it up with millions in debt and within months they used some of that borrowed money to pay themselves millions," he said.

Foster may look familiar -- he appeared in an infamous Obama ad in which he called Bain a "vampire."