A Republican talking point holds that Barack Obama has no accomplishments to brag about from his first term. But former House speaker Nancy Pelosi spent her time at the microphone on Tuesday night pushing back against that notion.

The president was “focused on jobs from day one,’’ she told the crowd, and from that day, at the height of the economic meltdown, “we've gone from losing 800,000 jobs a month to adding 4.5 million private sector jobs over the last 29 months.’’ But during the president’s first two years, when Democrats controlled Congress, she said, they passed the Lilly
Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, repealed "don't ask, don't tell,’’ and “made college more affordable.”

What Obama wasn’t yet able to accomplish, Pelosi said, was blocked by Republicans. “House Democrats passed the Dream Act, but Senate Republicans blocked it," she said. "With President Obama, Democrats enacted the toughest consumer safeguards in history to protect Main Street from recklessness on Wall Street. Democrats passed health reform to allow Americans the freedom to pursue their passion; to make health care a right, not a privilege; to ensure that being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition!”