Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), the top Democrat on the Budget Committee that GOP vice presidential pick Paul Ryan chairs, took on his counterpart on Wednesday.

Van Hollen hit Ryan’s acceptance speech last week in Tampa, pointing to the fact-checkers’ verdicts that he stretched the truth.

“I’ll admit: I was glad Paul was picked. I hoped it would result in a serious debate over the choice before us,” Van Hollen said. “Then I heard his acceptance speech. It kept the fact-checkers up all night.”

Van Hollen then said that Republicans show own up to their role in exploding the national debt. He played off the debt clock that was in the stands at the GOP convention last week.

“If Paul Ryan was honest, he would have pointed to that debt clock and said, ‘We built that,” Van Hollen said.

Van Hollen also defended President Obama against Ryan’s attacks on his actions on the debt. Ryan criticized Obama last week for not acting on the so-called Simpson-Bowles debt reduction report – a panel Obama appointed and Ryan served on.

“Guess what? It worked,” Van Hollen said. “They produced a balanced, bipartisan plan that would cut $4 trillion from the deficit. Lots of Republicans supported it, including Sen. Coburn from Oklahoma. And Paul Ryan. He was on the commission. He voted against the plan.”