He was supposed to talk about Wall Street reform. Instead, completely ignoring his teleprompter and the remarks sent to reporters, Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), went on an extended riff contrasting the former Massachusetts governor running for president, "Myth Romney," with the Mitt Romney he knew. 

“Here is the problem – and this is a hard one for me because of my diction,” Frank said. “It turns out my governor was Mitt Romney, when we needed Myth Romney.” 

Frank went on to argue that Romney’s reputation for turning businesses around wasn’t his experience when Romney was his governor.

"Myth Romney is a wonderful private sector executive who when he moves into the public sector can transform it," he said. "Maybe, as a Democrat, I should be grateful that we got Mitt and not Myth, because if Myth Romney had ever been governor and had done all of the things we were told he can do, he would have been reelected overwhelmingly."

Frank, who recently became the first gay member of Congress to marry his partner, made only passing mention to gay rights, noting that “so many Republicans are afraid that my marriage will threaten theirs.”

He did come around to the financial sector at the end, saying Romney supports undoing every regulation that could prevent another crisis. "The current right-wing, tea party-dominated Republicans