Joan Ray came to Charlotte from Louisville this week with only one ticket in hand: A chance to see President Obama in person at the Bank of America Stadium. Then she got the bad news Wednesday morning by e-mail and text message.

"“Severe weather warnings have moved the president’s convention speech inside to a smaller venue,”" the text message read. "“Unfortunately, your credential won’t get you into the event, …but the President is holding a special call at 1:20 p.m. ET just for folks like you who have credentials.”"

The text message included a link where Ray could listen in. But when she clicked on it, "“It just loads and loads and loads and never opens,”" she said.

Her shoulders drooped as she said, “"I'm let down. But I know I can’'t blame anybody.”"

Besides, Ray said she'’s seen Obama twice before --– once at Slugger Field in Louisville and once at the Essence Festival. But that was before Obama made it big.

“"I just wanted to be here,"” Ray said, appearing on the verge of tears. “"And I'’m really disappointed to not see Michelle. And Vice President Biden."”

She'’ll attend a Kentucky delegation viewing party about 10 blocks away tonight. And then she’'ll go home to Kentucky Saturday to keep campaigning for Obama.