Who knew that a campaign video could bring convention-goers to their feet? Or prompt delegates to chant back to a call-and-response cheer coming from a clip on the jumbo screens over their heads?

Video after video played in the Time Warner Cable Arena Thursday to fill the schedule did just that, performing their assigned task of priming the audience ahead of the main event: President Barack Obama.

One piece told the story of Obama's 2008 trip to Greenwood, S.C., where he met Edith S. Childs, a tiny woman "in a church hat" who coined the "Fired up, ready to go" cheer that came to symbolize the enthusiasm of Obama's 2008 campaign. Switching between clips of Childs and Obama -- she firing up a small group in South Carolina, he doing the same on the campaign trail across the country -- the video brought a thunderous reaction from the convention hall. Delegates chanted along with the video, drowning it out in the end.

Another scrolled a laundry list of accomplishments touted by the Obama Administration: "4.2 Million Jobs Saved; "Cut Taxes for 160 Million Americans;" "Wall Street Reform Passed." Some fo the scrolling headlines prompted wild cheers: "Protected Reproductive Rights;" "First Latina Supreme Court Justice Appointed;" "Iraq War Ended;" "Osama bin Laden Dead."

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