Just before 7 p.m., hundreds of people began streaming down a staircase into an overflow ballroom in the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Families with young children -- some just months old -- young couples, retirees, black, white, North Carolinians and out-of-towners. All of them beaming.

They got an e-mail, which told them to pick up a sticker and come here.

"Four more years! Four more years!" a group of women chanted.

"Fired up!" several chanted.

"Stickers! Stickers! Let me see your stickers!" volunteers asked as the crowd walked by.

"I'm very excited," one woman said as she ran by with her young daughter. "This may not come back to Charlotte in my lifetime, so I want to experience it."

Inside the room, the crowd cheered and waved flags as cameras beamed their smiling faces into the nearby Time Warner Center.

When Obama Campaign Manager Jim Messina urged viewers to text a $10 donation, several people in the crowd took out their phones and started dialing.

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