“Haven’t watched so far,” Mitt Romney told reporters in New Hampshire when asked if he saw Bill Clinton's speech Wednesday night.

Asked if he would watch President Obama tonight, Romney responded, “Uh, don’t plan on it."  

He elaborated a little on that answer, saying he would like to hear Obama evaluate his performance in office. “[If] I heard, or from the excerpts that are put out, I hear that the president is going to report on the promises he made and how he has performed in those promises, I'd love to watch it," he said. "But if it's another series of new promises that he's not going to keep, I have no interest in seeing him because I saw the promises last time. Those are promises he did not keep and the American people deserve to know why he did not keep his promises."

Obama didn't watch Romney's convention speech either. "The only thing I would read into that is what I have been saying for the last several days that the president tends to consume his news the old-fashioned way, via print," spokesman Jay Carney told reporters at the time.